" My teachers allowed me the exhilaration of my own discovery. "
by J. Robert Oppenheimer - as so should all who educate - open doors and windows, provide fertile and safe ground for pursuing knowledge, understanding, imagination, and so much more, and help maneuver the process to help see innovative and interesting results.   (via mikejryan)

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Let me be clear: Unarmed college hopefuls don’t deserve to be shot. Unarmed kids heading to work or trade school don’t deserve to be shot. Unarmed kids floundering aimlessly through life don’t deserve to be shot. Unarmed kids who have been in trouble—even those who have been nothing but trouble—don’t deserve to be shot.

The act of pinning the tragedy of a dead black teen to his potential future success, to his respectability, to his “good”-ness, is done with all the best intentions. But if you read between the lines, aren’t we really saying that had he not been on his way to college, there’d be less to mourn?

That’s dead wrong.

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